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I tested positive for hsv2 negative for hiv but I'm afraid that I contracted hiv through oral sex because I've had the flu yeast infections, bacterial infections body aches and joint pains and vaginal discharge in my legs is this possible?

  • Asked by Anonymous in HIV Apr 26, 2017
  • Posted on Apr 27, 2017

    STDcounselor PREMIUM

    According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention the chance of catching HIV from oral sex is extremely low. If an individual has bleeding gu... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Sep 24, 2017


    Go get tested for HIV. IIRC, there's about a two-week window between infection and testing where you might get false-negatives. So, as it has already been at least two weeks based off your timestamp, go get tested. Results come back fast, but you will need to ask for the results in-person for most cases.

  • Posted on May 06, 2017


    Hello, I have read online that HSV can produce flu-like symptoms and have experienced some of them myself. Hope you feel better soon :)

  • Posted on Apr 26, 2017


    I meant pain in my legs

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